Payment statuses and errors

Payment statuses



The payment was successful


The status usually immediately changes to successful or erroneous. However, if the user has not completed the payment (for example, left the form, 3DS stage, etc.), the status may remain for some time. It's usually 24 hours, then the timeout ends. Here, the payment can still take the status "Paid" if the customer completes the payment. In some cases, the wait lasts longer, but payments that have been suspended for more than 24 hours almost always go into error in this case

Not completed

When creating a payment, we send you two requests:

  1. Check - check for the ability to accept a payment by your system;

  2. Pay/Error -notification of successful/unsuccessful payment.

Accordingly, your platform responded correctly to our Check request, but not to the Pay request. In this case, funds are debited from the client, your balance is replenished, but the payment status is "Not completed" until your store processes it. You can send a repeat Payment through your personal account, the "Repeat payment" button


Occurs when an erroneous response to our Check request is sent to the URL of your payment processor


It is usually assigned when the payment is not completed within the time-out specified by us (the widget or payment page is left, the 3DS code is not entered, the 3DS code is incorrect, etc.)


The final status, which has many reasons

Ошибки платежей

A temporary error on the side of the payment system, check the payment details and repeat the request later - a temporary error, you need to try to pay again, if the problem persists, contact our support service.

The error is on the side of the acquiring bank. Please repeat the payment in 15 minutes - the acquiring bank does not accept the payment for a certain reason. In this case, you should contact our support service.

There are not enough funds - you need to recommend that the payer top up the card/wallet balance.

This operation is temporarily unavailable for your card. Try to make a payment with another card or in another way - the payer's cardholder bank does not confirm the debit of funds. You need to recommend paying with another card or using another method.

Insufficient level of identification of the customer - the payer needs to contact the support of his mobile operator.

The card did not pass 3DS authentication or was rejected by the payment system - this payment was rejected by the acquiring bank for some reason. You should contact our support service.

An error occurred while confirming the payment. Please repeat the payment after 5 minutes, confirming it with a code from an SMS or push notification - the 3DS confirmation code is not entered (or an incorrect one is entered), or the issuing bank blocks the transaction for some reason. If there are no problems with the above, you should contact our support service.

The error is on the issuing bank's side. Please repeat the payment in 10 minutes - the payer's bank is blocking the transaction. You need to try again, or try to pay with another card or another method.

The country of issue of the card is not included in the list of allowed ones - for your project, it is not allowed to accept funds from a card of a certain country. You can see the full list of available countries by going to the project settings, then "Tariffs and commissions". To connect additional countries, please contact our support service.

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