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Account Registration
Registration in the Unitpay system
On the home page of the unitpay.money website, click the Add store or Register button. You will see the new partner registration wizard.
To register, you need to:
Specify INN (Taxpayer's Identification Number) of the company or individual entrepreneur, email address and password, if you register a legal entity or individual entrepreneur in the system.
Specify your mobile phone number, email address and password, as well as confirm your legal capacity and agree to the terms and conditions of the public offer to use the Unitpay Service and the personal data processing policy - if you register in the system without a legal entity or individual entrepreneur. During registration without a legal entity, you can select the method of identification: using a personal WebMoney certificate or using passport data.
After registration, you will need to confirm your email address. To do this, follow the link from the special email that we sent to the email address specified during registration:
Completing registration without a legal entity when selecting the Webmoney method
For successful moderation of future projects, as well as the security of receiving/withdrawing funds of a partner who cooperate with us, we have established a verification procedure, as well as verification of WMID personal data:
IMPORTANT NOTE: At this stage, the WMID you specified during the account registration should match the WMID of authorization in the WebMoney Transfer system.
Other identification methods for registration without a legal entity
Partners aged 18 and older who do not have a personal certificate in the WebMoney Transfer system can register an account by specifying only a mobile phone number and email address. After confirming their contact details (phone number and email), they will be able to set up payment acceptance. And after passing personal identification, they will be able to set up payout.
To learn more about how the project moderation and personal identification are further performed, read the Project Moderation and Personal Identification section.
To learn more about how to add your first project, read the Adding a Project section.