Creating Payment Links in Your Personal Account

The use of the functionality is possible after your project has been approved into the system.

Integration of the payment solution into the site and work with the API is not required in this case.

To get a payment link, you need to select the "Products" section in the settings of the active project.

To add a new product, click [+ Add item] and fill in the following fields:

After filling in the fields and clicking the Add button, the product is formed:

What can I do with the created Product?

In the product menu, you can:

  1. Share a link to a product;

  • copy a payment link;

  • download the QR code for payment as an image.

  1. Edit the product;

After the product is created, it is allowed to change the fields;

  1. Deactivate an active product;

When clicking on the link to the deactivated product, the payer will see "Error 404. Page not found";

  1. Activate an inactive product.

How does the payment process work?

By clicking on the link, the payer first sees an additional window with the product name, product description, payment amount and the fields you have selected to fill in:

By entering the data and clicking on "Go to payment", the payer gets to the standard form of payment.

In the Statistics section, the information specified by the payer is displayed in the "Account number" column.

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