Telegram bot

Two-factor authentication allows you to effectively protect your account from unauthorized entry, thereby protecting personal data - access to transaction history, project settings and financial information.

We have two two-factor authentication options: login with a one-time password from SMS, or login confirmation via Telegram.

Telegram Bot Features:

  • confirmation of authorization in the Personal Account;

  • receiving notifications about successful payments;

  • receiving notifications about handler errors (for payments in the "Not completed" and "Rejected" statuses). Triggered when >=5 erroneous CHECK or PAY GET requests appear;

  • For payments with the "Rejected" status, notifications are received only if an "Incorrect or empty response from the store's server" was received from the handler.

Connecting a Telegram bot

  1. Launch the bot via the link or find it on Telegram @UnitPayBot;

  1. Click the "START" button;

  2. The bot will offer to share your phone number;

  1. When you click "Share your number", the phone number is not disclosed without the permission of the owner. Click "Share your number" and then confirm your intention by clicking on "SHARE CONTACT";

  2. Your number will be saved.

How do I make confirmation of actions through a Telegram bot the main one?

  1. Log in to your account settings;

  2. Select the method to confirm the actions of Telegram;

  3. Click "Save changes".

How do I receive payment notifications in Telegram?

Make sure that UnitPayBot is connected.

  1. Go to the project settings;

  2. Check the "Notify in Telegram" box and click "Save".

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