Adding a project

Immediately after registering and confirming your account data, the system will offer you to add your first project:

ADVICE: Make sure that the site meets the key requirements of payment system.

Main project data

The name of the project is used when making a payment as the main information about the store in favour of which we make the payment. Description of the project will help you quickly determine your category, and in some cases, understand exactly what you plan to accept payments for.

The name should match the name of the company, product or project used on the site. The description should specify the type of products and/or services sold on the site.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The system cannot have two identical domains (project URL) in different accounts. The exception is projects that are archived.

Confirmation and completion

You can choose one of three confirmation options:

Option 1. Place a special text file in the root of your site and click "Complete";

Option 2. Add the meta tag specified by us to the html code of your site's main page (the head block);

Option 3. Add a DNS record of the TXT type that contains the value specified by us.

The system will automatically check the contents of the file with the verification code and if they match, immediately add the project and send it for moderation.

IMPORTANT NOTE: IP addresses from which the system makes requests to your server platform:,,,

If you're using website on Tilda, click here.

To learn more about how the project is moderated, read Project Moderation section.

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