Adding a project on Tilda

When adding a project to Tilda in Unitpay, you need to select confirmation using the meta-tag.

In Tilda's personal account, go to the "Site settings", then on the "More" tab, select the item "HTML CODE FOR THE HEAD SECTION" (this functionality is available only on paid Tilda plans), then insert the meta-tag, generated in the Unitpay personal account, there.

After making the changes, do not forget to "Publish all pages".

Instructions for configuring and installing the module.

1) In your Tilda account, go to Settings - > Payment Systems -> Universal Payment System. Select the "Unitpay" template"

2) Set the PUBLIC KEY and SECRET KEY from your project settings in UNITPAY

3) Set the currency and language of the payment form.

4) Check the correctness of the additional parameters in the module settings: FVD: INDICATION OF THE CALCULATION METHOD" - should be "Off".

5) Select the VAT rate (if required)

6) In the Unitpay project settings, set the handler in the format: https://tilda.unit-pay.ru/PUBLIK KEY из настроек Unitpay/callback

Next, contact the Unitpay support service for the final configuration and activation of the module.

7) The module supports working with two types of buckets in Tilda: - Block ST100 " Shopping cart with order form" - Block ST105 " Payment system. Direct payment without shopping cart"

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