Individuals' payouts

How often are payments made?

We initiate payments immediately after their creations in the Unitpay system.

How to increase payout limits?

There is no such possibility. Withdrawal limits are strictly limited.

How can I cancel a payment?

Unfortunately, we are unable to cancel or refund payments. These are the conditions of relations with banks that providing this service.

What does the status of payment “Not completed” mean?

This is a temporary payment status, it means that we expect the payment system to confirm the transfer.

As soon as it's received, the payment will be made. If the bank refuses to pay, the money will be returned to the balance of your personal account, and the payment can be ordered again.

The payout with “Error” status - is this a final status?

Yes, the “Error” status is final. Your funds are returned to the account balance if the payment was completed with an error.

Webmoney payouts

From 01.04.2020 direct payouts to WebMoney are available only to partners identified by a personal WebMoney passport. You can identify your account by clicking on the link:

What are the "mass payouts" mean?

This service allows you to automatically send money to any number of customers - to e-wallets, phones, bank cards. The solution is suitable for freelance exchanges, marketing services and other similar services.

Automatic splitting of payouts on bank cards

Due to the change in conditions on the supplier's side, from July 8, 2021 16:00 (Moscow time), new rules for payouts to bank cards will be actual:

  • For regular payouts through the Unitpay personal account, the requested amount will be sent to your requisites in several payments in amounts of up to 10,000 RUB for each.

  • API payments over 10,000 RUB for 1 operation on bank cards will become unavailable. Try to make a payment through your Unitpay personal account or to withdraw funds to an electronic wallets.

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