We recommend using the latest version of the platform. If your version is out of date, then it can be updated. More details here.

Project Settings

  1. In your personal account (, select Projects in the upper main menu and click Add project. Follow all the steps to create a new project.

  2. On the new project page, fill in the Payment handler field and enter the following value:

http://your_site/index.php?route=extension/payment/unitpay/callback (where "your_site" is the site address of your online store)

OpenCart 2.0.x-2.2.x requires a different URL for the payment processor:

http://your_site/index.php?route=payment/unitpay/callback/ (where "your_site" is the site address of your online store)

  1. If you want to redirect to a specific page after a successful or unsuccessful payment, then check the Redirect box and enter the addresses of your pages.

Module Installation:

  1. download the module (latest version is here)

  2. Unpack the archive.

  3. Take the admin and catalog folder and place it in the site_root_directory via FTP or SSH.

  4. Log in using administrator account.

  5. Go to the Extensions/Payment section.

  6. In the list next to Unitpay, click [Install].

Module Setup

  1. Make sure that you have logged in to the site as an admin user.

    1. Go to the Extensions/Payment section.

  2. Find Unitpay in the list of payment systems, click [Edit] and enter the Domain (, Public key (numeric code of XXX-XXX type available on the Payment Form page) and Secret key. Enable the module.

  3. Save the settings by clicking the [Save] button.

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