Amiro CMS

The Module Setup and Installation Instruction

1.Download the archive with the module.

Feature of Amiro: after downloading the archive with the module, it must be re-archived in tag.gz, otherwise the module will not be added to the root.

2. Click on the link http://your_site/_admin/engine.php?mod_id=ami_market&upload=1

3. Select the downloaded archive tag.gz with the module as the distribution file and load it.

4. Go to Service -> System settings -> Payment Methods.

5. Find Unitpay in the list of drivers and click Install.

6. Click the Edit button in the Unitpay line and fill in the DOMAIN (, PUBLIC KEY and SECRET KEY fields which you can find in your account. Then click the Save button.

7. Go to Service ->System settings and select Product Catalog-> Orders in the drop-down list.​

8. In the Available Payment Methods line, click the Edit button.

9. Select the necessary methods, including Unitpay, and then click Apply Changes at the bottom.

10. In your account, enter the address of the payment handler http://<your site address>/drivers/gate_unitpay.php. Due to the features of the module, Format Error will flash red, this is normal.

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