Webasyst Shop Script 7 (8)

The Module Setup and Installation Instruction

1. Download the archive with the module (.zip).

2. Copy the unitpay folder to wa-plugins/payment (there is also wa-plugins/payment inside wa-sources - this is not the directory that you need, do not confuse it).

3. Go to the store's control panel "Settings → Payment → Add payment method → Unitpay"

4. The DOMAIN (unitpay.money), PUBLIC KEY, and SECRET KEY fields can be taken from your project page on unitpay. Make sure that the module is checked "Enabled".

5. On the project page in your unitpay dashboard, enter the payment processor using the template: http://адрес_вашего_сайта/payments.php/unitpay and press enter.

If you are not mistaken, the payment handler will say OK!

6. ADDITION: to be able to pay for goods in the store, you need to enable this step. "Shop → Settings → checkout → enable the Payment step".

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